Riversite Realty Inc. II Serving Wallaceburg, Dresden, and the Bluewater Area

by Dick Primeau



                                                                         February 22, 2018

Have you noticed that the back roads are a bit bumpy these days? It seems that Mother Nature is taking it out on them with the frost, snow and cold weather.  I was driving West on a paved road, not that far north of Wallaceburg, and thought  maybe my tires had frozen (or something) because the car was bumping and banging so much.  At the next stop sign, I took a good look and could see that the road had a ton of bumps!

So does that mean when Spring comes along everything will get back to normal?  I sure hope so, but until then you’d better fasten things down and make sure your coffee cup isn’t too full.  Where is ‘spring’ when we need it?

Speaking of ‘bumps in the road’, the announcement last week in the paper that Lee Marshall was leaving us was a true shock.  I had heard that his departure was possible, but just wrote it off to something that ‘could’ happen.  I was fortunate enough to meet Lee a couple of years ago when he moved here from the North Country.  He is a great guy with a special voice that projects itself beautifully, whether on the radio or when speaking to him in person.

Lee was great as our Wallaceburg Lakers announcer, working at our radio station and as a brilliant spokesman for Branch 18 of the Legion.  Lee, let me be very blunt, “Stick around – we need you!!”



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