Serving Wallaceburg, Dresden, and the Bluewater Area

by Dick Primeau



                                                                            June 20, 2019

SPRING!  This has been one for the record books with all the rain we’ve had.  It sure has made everything GREEN! 

As I may have mentioned before, Spring was my dad’s favourite time of the year.  He loved to see the corn pushing through the soil, growing so quickly to maturity. (“Knee-high by the 4th of July!”)  I wonder what he would have thought of all the farmland, still untouched this year!

Dad was very much on my mind as Father’s Day slipped by this past Sunday.  I remember him as such a busy, hardworking guy that to this day (and it’s been many years since he passed away) I still don’t know how he got it all in.  He seemed to be working from dawn to dusk.  It was, of course, a different time; when you think about it, he walked behind a horse ploughing the fields and then lived to see a man walk on the moon. That’s certainly a crazy change in technology in one man’s life.

As busy as my father was, he always had time for his family and friends.  Hockey and baseball happened according to the seasons with his boys, but the big event in the summer was always horse shoes.  There was a pit in the backyard that got a workout, especially if Mom’s brother, Neil, happened to be on the scene.  I can still hear the clang of the steel shoes hitting the metal stakes while the game went on.  That is such a great memory… but Leo taught his family what love meant all year round.

I hope all you dads out there had a great Father’s Day making your own memories with your children and grandchildren.