Riversite Realty Inc. II Serving Wallaceburg, Dresden, and the Bluewater Area

by Dick Primeau



                                                                         September 28, 2017

You know, sometimes we forget that change is actually possible if we all stick together and make our concerns heard.  That's exactly what happened on Monday of last week when a group of concerned citizens approached council about a worrisome change on Murray Street, where it meets Reaume Avenue; a corner where there has always been a four-way stop. 

Holy Family school is within a block of this intersection, which now would be made into a through-street on Murray, with stops only on Reaume.  In the minds of many concerned people, this created a very dangerous situation.  Krystal Gyricza, Adrienne Barbosa and Ryan Browning all knew that they must do something about this.  With the help of councilors Carmen McGregor and Jeff Wesley, a motion was made to have this crossing include a pedestrian crossing light that could be activated by anyone needing to cross Murray Street.  Our council voted to accept this motion 16 to 2, and the light will be installed by next year at the latest.

A great deal of gratitude is owed to all who worked together to keep our children safe on the streets.  It was great to hear that at least 20 citizens from Wallaceburg were at the council meeting to show their support of the motion at the Monday meeting.

I don't know how many times, over the years that I have worked in our town, where I've seen situations arise that needed help, and then watched our community come together to fix the problem. It makes you feel proud to be here.

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