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by Dick Primeau





                                                                          February 21, 2018

How do you spend these winter weekends? Do you go to the show? Have a dinner out with a night on the town? Visit some friends? Have a card game?

Well, Cheryl and I learned what it’s like when your grandchildren play hockey!  We were off to London recently when Cooper and Leah were both involved in separate tournaments, which basically take up the day from dawn to dusk!  Talk about busy days!

From a grandparent’s perspective, nothing could have been more exciting than to see the kids fly down the ice and work their tails off to get the puck in the competitor’s net. I think we were in at least three or four arenas, and even that was amazing because each one of them was so different.  Of course, the similarities were ICE and NETS, but the seats were all different, and one arena had Plexiglass that ran right down to about two feet from the ice.  This lets you see the play right in front of you, including where the puck ends up and the scramble going on by all the players. That was something new and exciting for Cheryl and myself.

Of course, the ‘concession stands’ as we used to know them have changed as well! Some of these were more like a sports bar, where I expected Wayne Gretzky to walk in and order a meal.

But I must tell you that as the games started to come to an end, I was feeling beat – as if I had been out there playing with Leah and Cooper. As grandparents, the weekend was a very special time for us.  Thanks so much to Julie and Peter for asking us to come along and take in this exceptional outing!

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