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by Dick Primeau





                                                                          December 13, 2018


It’s the time of year when we should all keep an eye on the road ahead when driving, and be alert to what is trying to cross those roads.  A friend of mine was on the Kimball Road last Sunday just after dark, when out of nowhere a deer ran right into their path…and suddenly the car was a wreck!  The hood flew open and bent itself over the windshield.  The grill was smashed and the fender was a mess.  The car almost looked like it could be a ‘write-off’, which was a painful reality to the owner.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, “What about the deer?”  Well it seems it disappeared into the darkness and hopefully survived (as hard as that is to believe, considering the damage to the car).

Then on Monday I was up front in the office, talking to Marilyn and Sharon, when something in the parking lot across the street caught my eye. I saw a bright orange ‘dog’ streaking toward Wellington Street. But, “Wait a minute –that’s not a dog!” Yes, you guessed it, there was a FOX running toward the Post Office!  How in the heck did a fox get downtown?  It sure made you give your head a shake.  Maybe next week I’ll spot a BEAR out by the mall (hope that’s just a joke!)

But as we move closer to Christmas, please remember that ANIMALS ARE ON THE MOVE!  Let’s be vigilant and take care for the sake of everyone and everything around us, so we can ALL have a Merry Christmas.

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