Serving Wallaceburg, Dresden, and the Bluewater Area

by Dick Primeau



                                                                         December 5, 2019

Wow… the wind is just crazy today!  I’m told that the temperature is supposed to take a big drop before the day is out.  Of course in some areas, it is garbage pick-up day, so that means a lot of the stuff you take out to the road might get spread around the neighbourhood, giving all of us a ‘pick-up’ day in our own yard as well!

Now, this of course is ‘MOTHER NATURE’ taking it out on us; not at all the same as someone rolling down a window and tossing out a beer can.  I know that I keep harping on this, but it seems as though people must need reminding once in a while!

When I’m jogging on the trail in the morning, it’s not unusual for me to pick up a plastic water bottle, beer can, pop bottle and a package from a take-out place!  And I didn’t mention the coffee cups that are EVERYWHERE!

I’ve always given the scenario of a family driving down the road; the driver drinking a coffee and kids in the back munching on something.  Then after a bit, when the coffee cup is empty, the driver asks the kids to open a window and throw out the empty cup.  And in turn, they throw out their own garbage as well (having just learned this very wrong lesson from their parent!)  Congratulations to that parent – you’ve just educated your kids to follow your less-than-desirable example!

Please think about what you’re doing and the example you’re giving for your children.  Do the right thing.  Take your rubbish home with you and RE-CYCLE!