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by Dick Primeau



                                                                        April 26, 2018

I know you must be tired of me harping on and on about the weather…but it’s hard to think about much else when it is constantly on your mind!  “Oh no, is it snowing again? Is this the ice storm they predicted? Will the hydro stay on? Does the level of the river pose a flood threat? Will they close the dam again? Is it still freezing out there even though we are nearing the end of April?”

Man, this has been a wild spring – (and winter!)  I think we’re ALL ready for the change, to put away the “winter stuff” and pull out the sun screen, shorts and T-shirts!

But right now, the river behind our office is spilling over the top into the parking lot.  One car actually has water climbing up the wheels…which I’m sure will alarm the owner when they have to climb in through the passenger side!  This morning on my drive into town, there was tons of water in the fields again.  And as I write this, they are predicting a few more days of unsettled, wet weather.  I don’t remember a Spring season like this before!

I’m actually sick of crabbing on and on…and on, but as I said, it’s hard to get out of my head.  By the time of my next column, it would be wonderful if all of you had this “weather thing” cleared up… so I can SMILE when I walk out into some WARM, SPRING SUNSHINE.  I’m dumping it on all of you, so get out there and please make it happen!





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