Riversite Realty Inc. II Serving Wallaceburg, Dresden, and the Bluewater Area

by Dick Primeau



                                                                         November 23, 2017

I guess it’s almost official—Halloween is long gone, Remembrance Day is over and Santa is showing up around town for a couple of parades.  So I think it’s time to start the quest for the perfect gift for all those that are on your “Christmas List”. 

Now, you have to ask yourself “What would be ‘the’ gift that would make you happy and of course delight the one that will receive it?”  I know it’s busy and we all have little time to think this through but we must.  The kids will all be vocal about what they think would be the great gift for them and if you’re watching TV then you will see tons of commercials about what is supposedly on every parent or grandparent’s short list.

But what do you buy for your significant other?  What size should you buy?  What colour is the one that they like best?  Can you find something that hasn’t been all picked over?  What style is best? Holy cow – there’s a lot to think about.  Maybe it would be best to take them all on a trip?  So now it’s a timing thing! Can everyone get away to do this?  Will school cause upsets?  How about getting out of work early at this time of year? 

This is all starting to become a heavy duty quest.  Maybe I’ll just sit back and have a hot chocolate – but wait, we have to get up the Christmas decorations.  (Where did I put them?? OH WOW!!  I guess it IS time to get in gear again for this most busy time of year!)   


      639 James Street, Wallaceburg, ON  N8A 2P2 

     Office:  519-627-3381  ~   Fax:  519-627-3383

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