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by Dick Primeau



                                                                       June 21, 2018

You’ll remember a quote that I’ve used in the past from a Roy Orbison song, “It’s over!…it’s over!!...it’s over!!”  And we all know the provincial election is definitely OVER!

The Liberal Government, which Kathleen Wynne has been guiding for quite a few years, has now been replaced with the Conservatives, led by Doug Ford.  It looks as if the Conservatives got 76 seats and the NDP 40 seats, with the Liberals ending up with just seven. That is a huge change, and it certainly suggests that most everyone who voted must have wanted just that…CHANGE!  The GTA, which usually makes the decision of who will be sitting in all the provincial chairs, has shifted over to the thinking of that of South Western Ontario.

So where will all of this leave us?  Well, hopefully there will be less spending and more saving over the next term and some changes made to help us have lower payments on our utility bills.  Maybe this is just all wishful thinking, but I’m hoping the things that come our way will be more beneficial for all of us.

As I recall, one of the campaign promises was to stop the WINDMILLS that are planned for just north of town around Otter Creek.  I know many people would be in favour of that happening.  That is just one item that came up during the time of ‘PROMISES’.  So let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the new group in power will remember that not everyone happens to live in the GTA.



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